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Botanical Name: Polianthes tuberosa

Harvest : April to November

An erect herb, 60-120cm high, with stout tuberous rootstock. The leaves are linear, those on the stem much shorter. The flowers are white, funnel shaped, waxy and fragrant. Believed to have originated in Mexico or the Andes of South America, this herb is cultivated commercially in South India. Tuberose is propogated by offsets or from seeds. It grows well in loose friable soil. The flowers are used for ornamental purposes. The bulbs are considered to have diuretic and emetic properties.


CharacteristicsConcrete Absolute
Reddish yellow waxy solid
Reddish brown liquid
Odour Characterstics
The concrete is sweet and intensely
floral with a long-lasting tenacious aroma
The absolute, in addition, has a warm
balsamic character imparted by the
unique combination of methyl saliclate
and methyl salicylate and methyl
Density at 28' C
0.962 to 0.975
Refractive Index at 28' C
1.484 to 1.500
Specific Gravity at 28' C
Solubility in 95% alcohol
 With turbidity