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Jasmine Sambac

Botanical Name: Jasminum sambac

Harvest :  March to August


A suberect or sometimes climbing shrub with pubescent branchlets. The leaves are simple, opposite and elliptic. The flowers are white, very fragrant, solitary or in 3-flowered terminal cymes. The plant prefers dry locations and grows profusely when grown directly under the sun. It flowers during hot and rainy seasons. The flowers are used in India for ornamental and religious purposes. In china the flowers are used for flavouring Tea. The plant has several medicinal properties. The crushed flowers are used as lactifuge. The leaves are applied as poultice for skin complaints and ulcers.


CharacteristicsConcrete Absolute
Dark brown waxy solid
Reddish brown liquid
Odour Characterstics

The concrete is intensely sweet and
floral having a very tenacious
presence in any floral accord

The absolute, in addition, has an orange
flower like top note with a warm powdery
and animalic dry down
Density at 28' C
0.95 to 0.965
Refractive Index at 28' C
1.494 to 1.505
Specific Gravity at 28' C
Solubility in 95% alcohol
With turbidity