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Jasmine Grandiflorum

Botanical Name: Jasminum grandiflorum

Harvest :  June to December


A large, nearly glabrous, suberect, twining evergreen shrub. The branches are ribbed. The leaves are imparipinnately compound, with opposite, terminal leaflets. The flowers are very fragrant, while tinged with pink on the outside. The plant has a life of 8-15 years. The peak yield is from the fifth year onwards. This shrub is cultivated throughout India. A bulk of the harvested flowers are used as such in garlands, chaplets and decoritive bunches for religious offerings.


CharacteristicsConcrete Absolute
Reddish yellow waxy solid
Reddish brown liquid
Odour Characterstics

The concrete is warm and intensely
floral; It has an immensely rich and
tenacious aroma

The absolute smells the same as the
Density at 28' C
0.95 to 0.97
Refractive Index at 28' C
1.493 to 1.498
Specific Gravity at 28' C
Solubility in 95% alcohol
With turbidity