We believe that quality raw material is the source of quality extracts. Our network of more than 1000 farmers is the key to our consistent product quality. With our distinct farmer networks, we are able to source raw materials not just from India, but also from other agricultural economies across the globe.

We identify the perfect location for the cultivation of crops based on suitable climatic and soil conditions. Besides selecting the right location and cultivar we also carefully monitor the transit of raw materials from field to factory to ensure that the freshness and potency of active ingredients are preserved.

The impetus has always been on eco friendly practices and reduction of harmful chemical usage during cultivation. With an eye for nuances based on our expertise in planning and execution, coupled with GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), the company has been able to ensure traceability of raw material, which in turn will lead to an improvement in the predictability of the extract.

We hold one on one informal training session for farmers on a regular basis with respect to planting material, harvesting techniques, organic farming, biodynamic agriculture and post harvest techniques.